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The year 2013 has started again with a super idea. Addition to the many fire stations in Lower Austria we have seen.
March 25, 2013
Retrieve a severe pulmonary edema in the night. This time I was even unconscious twice come to the rescue. I was then brought to the new emergency admission to a big hospital. I was very quickly looked one has really provided me emergency default. The team of doctors and the nursing team has worked together harmoniously excellent.
In the morning I welcomed the ward sister. I've worked with her on the detoxification station together. So I had a good connection. Only this time, my edema was heard in the lungs despite massive drainage very long. I am 26.bin been brought to the Vienna Private Clinic. The next day I had a Herzangio Visitierung with both renal vessels. My Professor wanted to explore how this pulmonary edema always come in the night. Heart in the state as of the last angiography and renal arteries are not narrowed We then come to a possible cause of high blood pressure spikes. Stress and worse at night very often very wicked nightmares from my childhood and youth, and from my professional life.
There are drugs now been discontinued and this something for the nerves and for depression. Then I'll start a therapy from May 16, 2013. I want to forget all the things finite, then also put the fear of falling asleep and come to rest again. I want to continue to work normally or read a book. I'm curious how I'm doing in a few months. Since the medication change I notice that things have improved for the better. I think that my heart will surely improve when the mental pressure is off.
It is so that every month something new comes along that gives me stress and anger. Right now it's my insurance which can be a very long time with the billing of my daily allowance. Then I was dropped from 60 recreational rides from the 52 SOCIAL FUND VIENNA. Because I get a pension increase of 1.8%. I pay my trips sebst. That would be a very arge financial burden. With the wheelchair I could already reach a lot but my wife will not let me go alone. If I have to pay attention to it that I do not drive too fast I need for three times as long. I'm glad my wife nor so cared for me after 44 years of marriage.

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