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Additional LE 14
These were the years where striking changes. Since I could always be worse and the pain I have also reinforced spoken with my Professor. He has sent me to Herzszintigrafie. A very poor results. Therefore, once again, the angio. Here it was that I received my 7.Stent. Then my Prof. I was hung on a syringe pump bottle 514 ml with continuous 7ml per hour. You can work it out as long as I'm stuck at this infusion with total surveillance (monitoring). Prof. has said this infusion must run in and then we left knee in a saddle anesthesia and a light general anesthesia surgery. As discussed everything was clear. After the op I was to be placed on the second day at midnight to the normal station. A week later I was in the Vienna Private Clinic. 3 days after the surgery I was able to free stand on both feet beside the bed. I did the exercises twice a day with the motor rail. Three weeks later I went to the toilet even with the walker. The diffraction was soon fully achieved. However, the stretching makes me still problems. A bicycle ergometer is not to create. In September I went to rehab problems.
1) Transportation to Villach It has meant that I have to drive a private car. The cashier pays only the outward journey.
2) Permanent disability accompanied the pass is clear that I need a constant accompaniment. The fund pays for an escort if the patient is senile or has Alzheimer's
3) help to take off and and body care.
Chief doctor told me that I will have a sister in rehab which always accompanied me and what I do on and off and assist in the care prescribed ointment. I did not quite believe Gina and I have taken and placed in a boarding house. Only I did not know that this board was very far away and on a mountain. Because Gina has made every day morning exercise. In the evening she is then usually went by taxi to the pension.
When recording, it was the first problem. The doctor said Gina had to go out. As I have said Gina nurse is even then we have been married 41 years and I besteh out that my wife stays with me. First hammer was for me that I must not go into the water because they do not want to resuscitate me by the pool. Although my Professor has allowed me 10 minutes water. She said that she is not interested.
Then on the nurse to call Shoo. I told her the same thing and that is what the head doctor said. She laughed out loud and told me that there is not. The help tighten and salve care so I have to but who has time to wait.
Breakfast was from 7 clock. Then you had to wait for the breakfast at least 10 minutes. However, at 07:30 clock had often the first treatment and then it went on. Then you had to be 10 minutes before the start of therapy on site. Gina is sitting at lunch with me at a separate table. Gina had to pay immediately the food. Since I'm diabetic I should get diet food. The dietician was informed. I usually get but what else. Just not a diet.
When I weighed myself after 14 days and realized that I have grown. I subsequently asked me serve up something less calories Empire. Result was two spoons China 25dkg vegetables and boiled potatoes!
Everything then brought the state weight gain of 6kg. This was certainly not the purpose of rehabilitation.
Now there's something to say about the constant accompaniment. I've had every day therapies including individual movement therapy and individual mobilization. At the initial examination I have properly reported that I am suffering from dizziness and orthostatic dysregulation. Explanation of the doctor why they have so a therapist accompanies it.
In the exercise therapy, the therapist said I should be a bit faster when standing up. You asked me that I sit up from lying down and getting up. I did it as requested but pointed back to my vertigo. The result was the statement was. The therapist I am and I know what I can expect of them. Then she let me go on a hemisphere and hands away from the railing. Result was that I fell backwards and lay on the ground like a beetle with all fours in the air. I then somehow aufgerappelt me ​​to the wall bars. She is scared and has immediately taken the wildest accusations which I have made them even prior to therapy attention. Subsequently, I was the afternoon presented to the attending physician. They were very concerned that nothing happened to me. Since I had no pain at the moment I saw no reason to take me to the hospital. I only insisted that it should now take note that I'm finally falling at risk. Ok from there you can make a move at me alone. I went with the electric wheelchair to get out. As far as I could not because all around the widest highways and railways were. In the center I could only drive on the road because there were no sidewalks. Now my overall rating:
Throughout the house very smooth floors in the bathroom as well. The entrance area at the slightest moisture, the mirror tile battens were triggers for falls. Even the psychologist went before me to the ground. Often somewhere was a patient or patient and could not get up due to his surgery. On night duty in 240 patients who had one qualified nurse was responsible for the two houses of the rehab clinic. I have all the time of my stay not once seen a sister to lookup in my room or at least noticed. Although they knew that I'm heart sick. The kitchen was also rather normal diet. Then have some of the staff that the food has worked Portion without hoods and I have always like cooks handled with bare hands on the plates. Since this would indeed have to wear gloves. Communication doctors therapists, dieticians and kitchen was not working at all.
These shortcomings, I have informed the head of the rehab clinic and health insurance. What me the head of the rehab clinic has threatened with a libel suit. So it looks at us! He stated that the staff plan the support of the rehabilitation clinic as approved and declared to be sufficient. Since each discussion has ceased. All who read these lines will now think a part.
I am willing to respond honestly to questions.

Arrived back home now I immediately tried to ask the Board of Trustees when can I expect to Nursing homes with a feeder. I was told another 6-7 years. Then I turned stay at Vienna had applied for a barrier-free for disabled apartment waiting time supposedly 18 months.
But I have three weeks to get a Wohnugsvorschlag adapted for a handicapped accessible apartment. Since I knew the location I knew that this apartment is in a council where the driveway is very steep and for my wheelchair represents a formidable obstacle and would not be passable in winter. I politely declined and then have 14 days later another apartment in the 23-adapted Get at the district Liesing. Only there would be far and no shops. You'd have to take the bus to Liesing. Since then I've decided to check with the charity but because it has good contacts with cooperatives and real estate offices. I was promised they will endeavor to. Three days later I was phoned me I should look at two objects in 22 District. A new building built for disabled persons. There were two apartments on a free 120sqm with balcony, terrace on the 2nd Floor and an apartment 86sqm, in the 8th 9 sqm floor with two large terraces. This apartment is very bright and has a fascinating panoramic view to the south. Schneeberg, Rax and high Schwab, Semmering and changing. In the north we see the first vineyards of the wine district and the March Field. I agreed immediately. The other went very quickly. Establish the lease. Organize the move. The old apartment notice. Because I did not want to pay the fee over two long rentals.
Since I had this situation even happiness. I got a large sum for my bad experiences in childhood as compensation. All together € 43,000. So I could pay for the move, which then arrives some adaptations Electrical and PC. Then a tumble dryer, large fridge and freezer, a new TV. Then the basement expansion shelves and shelves and clothes in the apartment a few small pieces of furniture made to measure. And a new PC. Velvet monitor. Very important was also air conditioning
Until we had the approval of the House Administration already here, it cost some power. I had to commit myself that I turn off the system from 6 bis 22 clock clock. Does not matter to me because at this time we are not even in the living room. In the morning when I get up I'm on the patio door and the kitchen window and the most beautiful passage is available. In the bedroom the window is always so open day in and day out. It is wonderful when I'm sitting at the computer early in the morning and look out the window I can see how the whole glass buildings are bright red by the rising sun you would think they burn. I then strained when the DC TOWER is finished as glazed as the show will be. Officially we moved here with 1.3.2011. Slept there the first night I 22.auf from 23.2.2011.
We turned back only the space arrangement
In the study we have made the bedroom because two steps across the hall and I'm in the toilet what is in the night or when disease is very beneficial. The bathroom is very large, there is a washing machine, a dryer indoors and then we have a shower with rain shower head. Then a box for Toilletartikel and our second toilet. These two toilets were very low because as each of us has time.
The space which was intended as a bedroom is now my work area with the PC with a stereo and all my books. I will also make the inside photos of this apartment here.
October 18, 2012
I got in the night at about 2am a heavy pulmonary edema. Was really brought to the heart of the intensive Rudolfstiftung at the last moment. Then I was 4 days in the Vienna Private Clinic.
18 November 2012
Another pulmonary edema but is slightly lighter but still I was taken to the General Hospital Intensive heart.
The year 2012 is again died away with beautiful fireworks. From our location it was very nice to see. We sat in the warm living room and have the lights turned off and seen of 22 clock until 1.1.2013 fireworks. Our New Year's Eve dinner we still can eat in the kitchen and saw the fireworks in the north. People had a lot of money back for rocket and blast. I just find it irresponsible for parents to give young children, the cracker box, and even thunderbolts which have multiples of a cracker on black powder. Because a lot can happen. Teen who blew up the playground with these crackers a house and it went up in flames.

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