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2008-2009 Kirchl.Hochzeit

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2008 was a very bad year I'm almost every month located at the clinic. Alternately with the heart or the knees or with the cross. There was always the risk of surgery is too high to allow surgery to my knee. I'm also the first time over the New Year's located in the clinic from 2008 to 2009. Just a day before my birthday I was allowed to go home. There are scheduled for September 2 eye surgeries. Left and right eye cataracts. Before the first surgery I had very afraid. The operation was completed in a maximum of 12 minutes and I was allowed to go home the next day. 14 days later then the second eye was my turn. Again felt nothing and it was just done quickly. I now have less night blindness due to glare. I can see well again. Only by working on the PC I ruined my eyes. I now need reading glasses soon new work and new glasses. Small font on a PC I no longer see.
Now comes the most beautiful action in recent years.
We have yet a 04.18.1969 civilly married and the church wedding repeatedly postponed. Now the 40th Anniversary, I thought that we make the church wedding. Parish Priest Canon Mag Toni Faber was immediately enthusiastic about my project and he has promised us that we have the ceremony in the chapel of Prince Eugene. Now, however, a great many acquaintances, relatives and friends have signed up so that I could expect 300 people. Thus, this chapel was too small. I have asked that we have the wedding ceremony at the Altar of Wiener Neustadt and the bride blessing then. Prinz Eugen in the chapel under the very revered miracle of Cross (Here grows as a freak of nature a wooden body of Christ a beautiful black beard A tree lichen).
Now it went with me to the October 2008 plan the ceremony and the panel. The place and time of the wedding had been fixed. Now it came to the flowers and the music. On Wiener Neustadt Altar I've wanted blue and yellow flowers in shades of red and Prinz Eugen in the chapel and white. The Brautbuckett was four red roses and one white. These symbolize the four decades we have spent together and the white for the coming 5 Decade. The bridal gown was the color of gold. Because white for a 60 year old would have looked silly and a colored dress in red or blue or any other color would have looked like a ball gown. But the sleek long gown with beautiful gold embroidered bolero immediately caught my eye. As the music I have chosen only pieces from the Baroque and Rococo. No wedding march and no AVE Maria because these pieces are already hackneyed. These two pieces are certainly beautiful. But for the Ave Maria need a wonderful voice which is singing it and thus we only had pure organ pieces. If you watch the six-part video of the wedding they will hear the pieces.
Then I ordered a bus because this has the advantage it is cheaper than taxis all together and it's all the same in the table. Celebrant and deacon have also come to the table. The table was in Wilhelmine mountain castle. We had really great weather that day.
We were 37 people at the table. Farthest Grant and Yvette Gietl came from South Africa. Heike had driven 1000km from Europe. Then from various bundles countries. It was a dream for me to see already feeds into the Cathedral of the many people. After blessing the bride and the bridal bouquet lay on the altar in the chapel of Prince Eugene we went through the huge gate of the cathedral. We have been here so photographed and filmed as the biggest celebrities. Why? Easily-Riesentor is open only during processions state visits or state funerals. After placing the bride's bouquet at the altar Gina then get a new small bouquet of red roses louder.

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