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2000 - 2007
The year 2000 was a good year for me.
I founded the EMPEROR CLUB. The first trip took us to the hotel on the Semmering PANHANS. Then in August the millennium as special train to Budapest. There were a lot of people. We are with our Privatsalonzug to Budapest Keleti pu. Hazards.
At the exit, there was an emperor breakfast as it's been in historical records. It was a very hot day. In our cars it was soon oppressively hot despite all open windows on both sides. The result was that all drank only cola or other non-alcoholic beverages. It was good that our Wagon Fourgon in the kitchen has a very large Kühlabteilt. So you could carry enough beverages.
Arrived in Budapest we did a short tour and then drove to the restaurant for lunch Gundl. Then we drove up to the castle. It was very wild crowd. Once at the top we went to the bastion and have taken our seats. The dinner should be served so we could see the announcement of a century fireworks undisturbed without light. Somewhere there hacked and it was getting darker and darker, and many did not even had the appetizer. So then came a terrible mess. It was agreed that we go to the fireworks with a police escort to the station. We should then run as special train to Vienna. Bus was there but no police and the streets were so crowded that we ever came only meter by meter. The result was that we were two hours late at the station. Our only luck was that we should go as a special train and not attached to a regular train because of the shear would have been without us away. So we are well on the train but the team was gone. Until my cousin has made wind we got a 1 man team and it was a lunatic delay in the home. The border station, there was no train attendant crew. Gottfried had the good knowledge of the track and was taking over the duties of the feeder. A couple people who got out in Bruck an der Leitha have said they no longer need to move and go to work the same way. So we arrived in Vienna just as everyone has already caught the first underground railway. Only those who make a trip can tell.
2000, we have applied the Trustees Nursing homes for a double apartment. We were told after 10-12 years, we might expect to be included I will gladly put everything on time without any pressure on the way. There would be two absolutely affordable for us.
In January 2001 I am located back in the hospital because of a heart attack. On 11.1.2001 I lay back on the table of Angiology. Now I have decided that I will now avoid each cigarette. I know it is hard but I took along my will and my Prof. have it immediately promised to be absolutely still in Angioraum for Non smoking.
2002, the year the euro introduction. It was a big change for me. I have long caught me again and again that everything I've converted into schillings. I then called it a SILENT MONEY DEPRECIATION. It was initially quite slow everything more expensive, but the prices are suddenly skyrocketed. I've seen while shopping. Each purchase was more expensive by the day Today I will not want to count back. I would bring or the devil. A loaf bread now costs 28 shillings!! Dine in the restaurant can not convert it because otherwise it stands up and leaves. Without consummation.
The years up to 2007 have always had smaller hospital stays. No other mover world events. Only to see Renate read slowly but steadily less with me. Although I offered her to replace the travel expenses. Gina has let himself be persuaded by me but this year after their 60th Years immediately go into retirement. I have calculated how much leave me she has and how many night duty hours and Gutstunden it has not. Then he did not have a sick leave. It has to be operated on both feet (hallux). Thus, they went to work until June 30 and July 1, 2007, she is retiring.
However, I have very much welcomed hoped that I could do something with it. Railway travel, excursions. But it was getting harder for me to go with that.

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