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1989 - 1999
I now had no job and very much free time. Since I was able to work because nothing else was I off my board would be boring with time. I met a woman who also had much free time. It was called Renate and worked in a school cafeteria. Whom they had free she went for a walk with the car with me. We got along very well. She knew that I was married and wants to keep it that way. She lived not far from us in more than 10 minutes could be with me. Now it was more often that they had freely. She told me she was on sick leave. Now I have also noticed one day that she had a chauffeur. I did not mind it because I just wanted to whom as an accompaniment. Only I'm her come again and again to lie on it. This has probably hurt me that she has not told the truth. But I've always said yes when they had TIME for me and went for a walk with her. One day I found out that she has lost work because of the many sick leaves. She then told me that she no longer lives in the 16th district and now in Lower Austria is home. Again and again, in a different place in three months intervals.
Until one day in WASEBRUCK men at village has a significant other. Because I never thought something evil are Gina and I drove out and have visited WASEBRUCK. It was quite dissolved entertainment.
Gerhard has shown us his masterpiece, a self-built truck. It was a beautiful day. Now I had to pick them up again and again in Wasenbruck. They were already kilometers. Then, in any weather. Moreover, in the area where the village men and Götzdorf the streets were mostly blown over Total. Since I'm good progress with the four-wheel car. One day she told me she would get from America by an aunt visiting there is something notarially certified that they would receive an inheritance from my aunt. This has been repeatedly documented with papers. Until I on such a paper vorfand a stamp one day could never be on such a paper. Suddenly it was the aunt had died and two lawyers came to her. A few days later she said that she will go with her friend to the United States to compete for the inheritance. I could only call Bridegroom sets. OK, three days later she wrote me via sms they would now come with the private plane's aunt home. A few hours later a horror message via sms. Be crashed and no longer know where they are it is night and the pilot is dead
What I have now done immediately phoned the Austro Control and had asked to help me. I had those then send the sms. An hour later I was informed that two search aircraft have risen in the States. With this message I reported at Renate via sms. Suddenly she has written she has already found a home where they could stay for the night and would come up with a scheduled later in Vienna.
After days I get by Austro Control a letter in which I am asked to pay the cost of Abusive use. I have called on me that I felt compelled to put the Austro Control of the event accordingly. I was then summoned. I was then told that one has traced the sms and noted that these Renate in space 16 District Wilhelminenberg has posted. Referred again to help in my duty to the two ladies then has sued to pay for the operation. Then still more things came to light. She has my wife and me and some other people lied to and cheated.
But it is like to walk with me down again. High wall, Hochkar Niederalpl, Mariazell, Jochberg saddle, Semmering, Aflenz, Graz, Bad Radkersburg, thunder churches, castle Rieger, Retz Forest and wine district. As many kilometers are often come together. But I had a companion.
She later also at a VORTEILScard ÖBB worried and then took me to Bregenz to Graz, Salzburg and Villach.

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