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1984-1988 Pensionierung

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1984 - 1988
I am always on one department to another jump. Once I had the bad luck that I am come to a station where the staff were all connected and the Trade Union Bloc. It has been found out that I was steward of another party. Here again profusion bullying to. Now I've heard that for the newly constructed 2.Chirurgie ambulance with day and night duty staff still being sought. Reported immediately to the Superior and immediately placed in this new clinic. Here I had really nice and friendly colleagues and a really good ward sister. Also, the medical team was super. We were a general surgery. From the cecum on pacemaker to Tomurchirurgie. There were also nail extractions, open abscesses, Proctological Ops. Then from there with us and hospitality Colono and pulmonary endoscopy and gastric acid measurements. There was plenty to do. On night duty always expectant mothers have lost to me because it was closed over the Gynambulanz from 17 clock, and not the people in the first Stock would go into the delivery room. I had agreed with my doctors a code.
For now, the hat and the doctor burns must drop everything and rush immediately into the ambulance.
Important pain patient is coming soon!
Neupatient only an investigation at the earliest opportunity come by. This encoding makes me because I have been there has been a colleague, who all declared as urgent AT. So I could really rely on it that has a rapidly doctor if you need it really urgent. It has also happened that all my surgeons are in the operating room and stood with me two emergencies were snowed. I knew to help me. I fetched from OA approval that I send the patient to the X-ray and blood is allowed to take him away. Everything worked. Only the radiologist attempts at an uprising. My OA has subsequently visited him and placed him clearly that we know for sure what is needed, but no one is served when the patient has to wait until someone comes up with severe pain. So everything is taken X-ray done and my surgeon was able to immediately start treatment. That patients have come to me who were allegedly drunk and vomited blood. Set and suction of gastric contents after gavage was no blood to be found only red wine. Once a woman took the cake. Which came with 3.2 per thousand, walking, swaying and not fully accessible and has given proper answers. The laboratory has confirmed the 3.2 because they have checked several times the value. Since I only have what I thought must have for a liver. She told us that she is an alcoholic. The noise was very expensive. To pay rescue themselves and have no health insurance. In the winter we had the problem that shed lots have settled anywhere where only one door was open.
Am26.3.1988 should I go to the day shift. I was awake because I could not breathe. The chest was hurting and the pain down to the little finger was getting worse. I immediately thought of a heart attack. I immediately called me in the hospital on the cardiac intensive care unit and wanted to take a taxi to the hospital. So I had to call the rescue. They were there quickly and took me to the ICU. All knew me there, apparently the only woman OA. My blood was drawn and written ECG. I struggled more and more to air. Mrs. OA read give me an injection for better breathability and said I should go home. In the blood and ECG you see nothing of a heart attack and I should not be so self-pitying and I can easily go back anytime. A young doctor who has done service on the surgery for me was also on duty. When she heard that she told the woman OA: That's a keeper of the house we leave him here for observation 24 hours if there is nothing he can go back home tomorrow morning.
Comment of women OA: if they think they holding it into place. This happened and I was immediately hung up on the monitor. Sometime I have to fall asleep. Suddenly I was awake at 22:30 a hellish pain caused by muscle spasms. I was prodded, and called Peter open your eyes. As I did so I thought I illuminated by powerful lights and I opened my eyes again to immediately. Then when I really opened the eyes once stood around my bed had everything rank and name, and looked worried. The young doctor then told me that I had a ventricular fibrillation and immediately showed 0 line and I was therefore electrically reanimated the cramps. I got something for the pain and cramps. I went back to sleep and was awake again with the same pain. All that stood around the bed were visibly exhausted but happy that I'm back. It was 02:00 o `clock. Woman doctor said that was the second ventricular fibrillation have been asleep. If I had gone home, I would be dead for sure. Yet the lady doctor has saved my life. The woman OA could look into my eyes never!
I was transferred to Lainz because the angio. Since you have two locks of the kind circumflex and ramus vetric.postterior. Only you would have to lysing in Wilhelminenspital me immediately. What is not done half of a massive infarction of the posterior wall of heart. I spent three weeks on the coronary care unit. Then I am in rehab in Great Gerungs in the Waldviertel in Lower Austria. I had the rehab because I am constantly situated in the intensive because doctors do not have much prescribed me every other day another drug at different doses. They did not wait if the active mirror has been formed or not.
After this rehab I'm back home. I remained on medical leave. I then went to my Professor and I asked him for the official doctor for a diagnosis. I have received and read this that I am sent with security in retirement. And the age of 42. From 1.12.1988 I was now retired. Due to this I was pragmatists Explicit and went into retirement for health reasons, I have received the allowance § 9. (10 years to be reckoned to my pension calculation)

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