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1981-1983 Diplom Schule

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1981 - 1983
Again was trained as a nurse graduates in the 2nd Tendered Education This training should be the first of its kind which is carried out in Empress Elisabeth Hospital. Only this time I wanted to finally get it. I have now tried once against my convictions me a political boost. I have the first Parliament President Hubert Pfoch asked to work for us. My head nurse has let me read the service description and sign. She was GOOD. Now I've been waiting back at the recording session it was called service description is bad. But since I knew exactly what I signed I could defend myself firmly. I have the admissions committee asked me this Description hand out so I can tell what's what. Suddenly it was My wife is the only training I not allowed! , I went immediately to phone and have reached the Landtag President and told him the matter as it stands. He said nothing, he just talk, the company already in hand. You left me sitting for an hour and wait. Then it was as far as we could both attend the school. In our class were all about the same age as between 35 and 40 years. And we were two couples at the same time. The first class was probably difficult because it was just dry substance of which we all had no idea. Only our women Primaria of the morgue was so nice and gave us permits the anatomical names in German to learn where it is transferred into German. Only the place names, distal, dorsal, caudal, cranial we have had in Latin downed. Because many findings comply with such terms. She says we do not want to train doctors. Only in the physiology and pathology, they always said, if they can not tell me that they fall through. So we have to know what it has put value. They knew his. So the first year was finished with the exams in these subjects. We had not much time to recover. The second year began. I was elected class president in the class. Since I had constantly fighting with the teaching sisters because of the scripts. I'm not even been to school in a room and made a Matritzenkopierer the scripts. A single teaching sister who has boycotted me was that just the main compartment Internal and Internal care has taught us. You really could be up to one day before the examination time with the script. She also had something about it that we have both made the school. Why she was so mad at me I do not know. In 10 days in the two years we had 12 trials. The subjects were all like, ophthalmology, ear, nose and throat, urology, medication teaching, X-ray, isotopes customer, etc. We have also survived. Then in the third year came the big subjects. To conclude then were the arbitrary diploma courses. I have taken oral pediatrics and psychiatry in writing. Only then came the hammer the teaching of Internal sister wanted to drop by and let both absolutely. But our Exquisite Human Superior has brought about that we were allowed to do the review with the other diploma subjects. Teaching again at the sister laid across. Since the union sister and the director of the school's off the collar and said: In all subjects, he has a 1, a 2, only twice at them, he is supposed to be stupid? It was voted 3:1 for me. Thus we get the diploma in the great hall of the Town Hall by the City Council Prof. Stacher in September. It was again a great confirmation for me that I've done something you did not credit me 30 years ago.
I have to say that I have copied the fourth secondary school class externally so I can go to graduate school.
The examiner in mathematics told me all invoices OK but as they have expected that. She started to laugh because I was expecting it in a version that is no longer taught for a long time. What is it, the test was done with a 4 in shorthand. Sorry that was not my case, and algebra. Immediately on my first day as a graduate nurse Gina and I have given our transfer requests in a big hospital. I was treated within 14 days. Gina had to wait 6 weeks. I was transferred to the trauma surgery in the operating room. Because I have done my internship and I liked it. But I did not expect the two ladies have made me as possible all diligence to what was possible. It was stupid it was to the detriment of patients. It had to be patient x-rayed several times because the ladies have once hidden me a laundry clip another time a small X-ray swab. We were forced to x-ray the patient to rule out that these parts are not in the patients. Late in the evening the service delivery they then handed me these pieces. That was me and I really contrary to the head nurse asked me they should give back to the decontamination station. All clear. On the detox I have all already knew.
One day the Mother Superior has brought me to him, and asked me if I assume for the time being the ECG. I was always the man with the Mother Superior if someone somewhere has failed. After the EKG I had the children emergency room. Then, in succession to the infectious diseases ward.

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