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In early 1972 came in Gina's medical care. She wanted to go to nursing school to get the diploma Psychiatric. I was at this time the alcoholic station the pavilion 8 I was absolutely NEW to such a station. You had to adjust to the patient. It was not a locked ward, and so it happened that, patients have somehow concerned alcohol and then have rioted floor drunk at the station or they have become attached to a long cord bottles and this brought on the night in peace up again and again. We also had problems with patients that were already constantly in the Antabuse treatment and have been drinking anyway. There were many emergencies. Once a patient has believed since I'm new lot going through. He had a carrying bag with two 1 liter bottles of orange drink. But as usual I have looked into this bag only to find the same two bottles had different Färbige closures. Taken out I realized that the closures were not in the original packaging. I opened the first bottle of wine inside was pure, as in the second bottle. I summoned a second nurse and we have emptied the wine in the sink drain. So I had to watch carefully at my service. There were always stolen from the car sleeping pills and psychotropic drugs. Kurzudrehen once and it was missing something. So I was always careful with the drugs issue. It always had to be the wall behind me and the patents before me. Each Ablenkmanöver was dangerous. We had a patient who could play Epileptic seizures as the original. Since it was always. Close medications car shut off and only then go away. This actor was a gifted painter. He made more precious images for doctors and Primaria. The Man with the Golden Helmet. Emperor Maximilian with the apple, Tower of Babel, Mother of God with child, and much more.
Only one day we received asylum plunged in a drunken stupor on the stairs the message he will be a homeless man was dead and
I have learned here know very many variants of alcohol addiction.
Have you ever watched a morphine addict in the rear of his material. Such a patient has the violinist get permission to get a vial. Since we were used to it by this tease us and then enter the syringe to the patient. The patient still saw two tiny droplets in the ampoule. This he has also raised a hideous greed. How does a person changed by such means. By the time I got to know the different Halluzinationsarten. Optical, tactile and acoustic. The most dangerous are the Optical hallucinated patients. Because there can be suddenly attacked. Tactile then are those who feel persecuted by animals and get bitten. The acoustics are the loudest because they speak with the white woman. You hear voices that they offend or harass other.
Indicated on this pavilion has thrown me a shell on the washing patient. A thin Manderl but with supernatural forces.
Result of this attack was a hospital stay of 7 months. I went already in a wheelchair. But came out again.
The next two months were longer hospital stay due to an infectious hepatitis B Result hepatitis A + B with liver damage. It kills me every time up the wall when I am approached by a doctor because of alcohol consumption. I only drink alcohol occasionally. 1/8 liter of wine, a little whiskey 0.2 cl, I have in the cellar 80 bottles of red and white wine. Red wines that are already old at 30 years. Since we really drink this wine will rarely never less. If a motorist comes to me I will not open the wine but give him.
Gina has the diploma school prematurely terminated because she was head at me in the hospital and not in school.
1972-1973 I've passed my driving. I am, as usual for 1.Prüfung flunked theory. The second test with the practical exam that I still have a lot of snow and ice was still managed. Our first car was a CITROEN DS21 already with the headlights under glass and steered the light sources. A dream car, great road holding, side wind resistant, a top suspension and excellent brakes. Then the Höhenverstellmöglichkeit. I went through the wildest country roads and paths without sticking. The front-wheel drive was first getting used to. In the rear, we had room. Only someone who was slightly seasick was not allowed to sit in the back. Since each was nauseated after a few kilometers!
October 1978 we then moved to a large 96sqm apartment with heating, bathroom, and toilet. We had a living room with 40sqm. Bedroom and study, each 20 square meters and with walk-in closet. I was happy to have a bath. I was the first who opened the tub. However, the kitchen was very narrow. With my wheelchair I had problems there. The house was very nicely located. Bus, tram, subway, and train nearby. The house has 8 floors. 208 tenants and only 70 car parking spaces in the underground garage. Rent € 70 - per month. Upper in the 7th Huge floor two terraces and two saunas and four toilets. In the 8th Stock was then a swimming pool 25meter long and 8 meters wide. With heater and filter. A bright idea. Only I did not want to live among them. Because despite the ban again people have jumped into the pool below and it sounds like when a bomb UW losginge. Down in there was a playground covered. It was intended for very large and table tennis, and possibly for events and parties. However, to enter with absolute smoking ban and ball game and with slippers or sneakers. Unfortunately, this playground soon looked like a dunghill cigarette butts, used condoms and other filth lying there. One has then locked the playground from 22 clock. Since there were women who took belly dancing lessons and did not want that you have into it looks from the outside can make blinds. That was smoking again in the youth room for an incentive. Then the columns were covered with drywall ruined by kicking like that. It has not identified this area as a playground. Now it has been restored on the house (general) again. From there, the people who had the interest of the children went down to signature and consent of farther damage repairs to take these yourself. So fast you could not see the kids have invited friends from the area and have the door held open with stones at the entrance and at the playground and in summer the top of the roof to the swimming pool. There were many more alien children and adults in our bathroom as of our tenants. Usually in the morning it had the ladies hurry to lay in the sun but naked. Since I had also exchange service, I had to go to the swimming pool and on the terrace of my stairs. Has even one of the nudes terribly excited. New Year's Eve we have slipped on the terrace in the new year. The first few years it was still beautiful. But more and more firecrackers were thrown between people. Thus, it was uninteresting. I have always believed the interest rate is high but mean a certain selection. Error, there was a sudden tenants where the welfare office took over the costs. The children were then trained into fire. Once in the basement, and several times in the elevator. Then, garage windows were broken. All at the expense of the tenant community. It was always unappetizing to go to the terrace and the swimming pool or even in the sauna from the toilet not to speak. It has been attempted to lock the bathroom from 22 clock. Was not the household was against it. Despite this prohibition Sexpartis and binge drinking were held Broken white glass in the basin caused a cut up feet in the pool. The use condoms in swimming pools for disgust and destroyed two pumps. Of 34 years that I have lived there I was just maybe six years in the swimming pool. After the alcoholic pavilion I was then transferred to a closed women's pavilion. Pav 21 This was again a huge adjustment for me. Although patient was always patient with me without looking specifically onto the sex. I suddenly had girls and women 14-101 years. The regular maintenance of these females has a lot of tact needed. Then as I take a ruthless woman that she calms down again? Major problem was the monthly menstruation of women and girl. We had to perform an accurate menstrual list. So I learned at least the cycle of a woman who, with all its problems. Since we were 5 men on this division now it was the sisters better when lifting the often very heavy patients. Our head nurse was to be strictly behind that all patients bathed or showered every day. Therefore one smelled anything with us, we also had the incontinent patient. There were two rooms where patients are constantly lying location. We had a young patient with a giant water head. Often I have believed me if these are still the heart is to fall back in bed and really scarred by a whisker to the metal frame at the head over. Or we had a patient that had a terribly sharp teeth with uncanny closing force. If you have not been paying attention because you were attacked like lightning, and immediately blood flowed. My left hand 2 Finger has such a keepsake. So fast you could not they gone to flash like a cobra. I alone could write a whole book of this department. Do I have to write one. One day a patient asked me loudly in the bathroom: "Have they seen enough of the women?" Now it was time to switch quickly. My immediate response was, "As soon as I walk through the front door here I am a sexless beings!" My head nurse has heard and has the wound with laughter. From the day it was always with me: "PETER THE SEX OF BEING LOOSE".
What would they have to respond spontaneously?

After this pavilion I was on the closed security pavilion Pav 23 Department of mentally abnormal offenders are added.
Gina and I, we were already tested and station agents were already transferred to the official scheme. Therefore, we have applied for admission to graduate school. Applied for three times and not taken three times. Well I thought to myself, yes. There were always new found excuses not to take us. Lack of space, poor service description, or applied for too late.
Now, in this judicial pavilion was working great. We had a top management team. The head nurse, a Carinthian, athletic and really strict and fair. All grooms as my age and a little older. There were two men who were diploma nurses have always depends on the 1st To make stock service. On the ground floor the security department was then have the station where some patients worked in the nursery. The rest then went to the basement to work therapy. On the whole pavilion, it was an unwritten rule NOT AFRAID to show no matter what. The second law was never go alone to the security department. As a second colleague or a judicial officer had to go along. Or go it alone with a patient over the staircase to the basement. Third Law was always shut off and insert the key.
The years 1978 to 1980 I was a few times in the hospital. Once because of my spinal disc damage and then for atrial fibrillation and stroke. I'm glad that I've Prof. Schillinger as internists and angiologists. If I have to go to the hospital I'm mostly in the Vienna Private Clinic in a single room which offers every comfort. It is important that I can take my laptop and am therefore always available.

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