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We got through my grandmother own apartment next door Felberstraße 104a/2/20. 28sqm. Water and toilet on the corridor should only be a springboard for us. So that the lease only I grew seemed the first problem was with the grandmother of Gina. Only the grandmother had "whisperers" what have you ever imagined that I throw Gina out of the apartment. When I then talked about that we want to marry one has the grandmother imagined that I would get a divorce soon. On 04/18/1969 we got married at the registry office Penzing. There were present my Uncle Oscar, Aunt Herta Gina, then a friend of ours as a second witness. And a great-aunt of Gina. After the ceremony we went to the Nisselgasse into the pastry on a coffee. Then again all the way gone. I cooked at home a potato stew. That was our wedding menu. A cheap wedding. The church wedding was taken at a later time in the eye.
In 1970, I was then transferred to Vienna Matzleinsdorf. I was probably on a post almost too quiet. I had to watch the road that no one in charge Zugsfahrten before the train goes over it. In the night I had to disconnect the cables so that in the morning the road for the truck is free. This is a dangerous job. Because first I had to press on the signal type then quickly between the cars in and disengage the clutch. There were drivers who have not pressed properly and I had to separate the floundering train. Often the spindles years have not been moved, Rusted or paved over with brake flour. Or am I just rolled with the hook at the level of the nose of the clutch and the train apart. Once had a clutch hit in the face if I did not respond immediately when I heard the carriage moving me. Now the year 1971 is over. I started training as a dispatcher. The last post I made where service had been raised with the team to a group because there were suddenly an entry and exit position was. But you took me away from there and put a man down with a thick book party. That was the signal for me to go from the Service and to seek something else. The unionists are only as long as unionists have until it reaches your desired items but then you immediately forget!!

On 15 March, my mother died of lung cancer. It is suffocated. Well I was not going there. I could not even drive to the funeral because I myself was in the hospital and was scheduled for surgery the next day. Meniscus tear.
We have made it our very comfortable in the apartment. Small but we were comfortable. Gina is still in the Hornyphon in the third District down. Only we had a phase where we both did not want to get up. I arrived at the station too late to still knappest service and Gina. Taxis have made at this time with us a good deal. One day I'm away from the car immediately went to church. I have in the first Surgery (accident) started as an option mate. I was the only honest too heavy. So I have let me move to psychiatry. It was the hospital Hoff and I came to the intensive care receiving station B12. Here I learned acute psychosis. Know alcoholic delirium. Schizophrenic, manic depressive, and what else there was. Also drug addicts.

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