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5.1.1966 report of the probation officer, the minor has consolidated clear. He now pays a neat appearance, featuring only his service. The probation officer, he is pronounced result, almost he exaggerates even the frequency and duration of visits. He brings in all crucial matters advice he also followed safely. His servility he brings his head of unit over expressed. Now in the new year, he wants to marry his girl to Ask for an early Großjährigkeitssprechung. Provisionally by the housing shortage is the opposite. The grandmother is not yet ready to take the boys.
03/01/1967 guardian tells us that the young person was spoken of age. The Mündelakt is now closed and stored.

LE Extra 06 1966
Is now accomplished something that has brought me and, very much. My service on the ÖBB. I ascended more. I was Lampist. That means I was responsible for all signal and switch lamps. On the day I have all the switches and signals filled and washed the cylinders. In the evening I went light. I was also responsible for the charge of the batteries of the electric tail lamps. My next post was that of a Zughelfers. Since I had to install on the last car of the train, the outgoing Zugschlusslaternen. Since I got from the dispatcher a track-train and car number where I should attach. Similarly, the lanterns of incoming trains was responsible for the collection. The shifters have always helped me and removed the lights and put between the tracks. Or my uncle has taken me from a eigefahrenen train. On the day I had to hang the rear of the train as metal sheets. Next I started school as turnout guards (Verschubweichensteller). To items 1 (entrance from Hütteldorf) Item 2 (entrance of St. Veit-Maxing). I had to pass an examination before the so-called locality survey officials. I had to know exactly where the various signals are and who operated them. Then the whole remote controlled switches and the manual turnouts. And for that track which switch belongs. So from now on, I went to the day shift and night shift, whatever the weather outside. Since I never had a chill. Although I often during heavy rain often not a dry bit more and I had to change is because water came up to the skin. Or in the summer, it was absolutely hot in the 2nd post The item 1 had the ramp of the bridge far as shadow donors. One day I was called to the school 'visit to a fixed-time (official) received and can rise more easily.
It was the school at Wiener Neustadt train station for me. This meant that I still had to drive there and back by train. Ride that cost nothing. For private trips I get the card that I am authorized to pay cards directed. So I drove around a lot.
In these years on the railroad I have always learned to know women. My first was a woman from Leppersdorf at nicks in Upper Austria. This woman had a child. Would not mind me. I am her only come on it since she has lived in Wels and cheated on me with the producer of the young. Then in 1967 was just closing for my birthday. The next disappointment I have experienced bad again. I got to know a woman who with her mother and her partner lived. It was a house for two families. But all three people have not gone to work. One day I was informed that the young woman has been pregnant learned to know me. As a result we have been waiting for the birth, and all have seen in my child's father. I can unlock the power back on, the cesspool excavate and clear buy everything for the child. One day I was seriously ill with pneumonia. I came to the hospital immediately on recovery from Altenmarkt an der Triesting which is a few miles from Neuhaus where the girl gets used with the child. She has not visited me. The people have been reported to me that they with the child's father is back together and I will Hauled me my stuff. After my recovery I picked up my stuff. These were in a moldy suitcase in a terrible state. The expensive things were missing. The gold engagement rings and a gold Doppelmanteluhr as well. Now, I had had enough. Since my mother has lived in Hard am Bodensee, I went to her. For the return trip to Vienna I met my wife of life on 10.11.1968.
I have my service exam to turnout and signalman saved me success. And was transferred to Vienna South Train Station. Here I made another enrollment after the other until I passed the test location for 5 items. Thus, the year has ended with success.

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