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1963-1965 Kaiser Ebersdorf

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16/05/1963 Memorandum probation officer reported that the minor is since 14/04/1963 in the Hotel Post in St. Wolfgang in the works. According to the minors, the alcoholic grandmother, the mother is very concerned about a cohabitation or marriage. In the residential area, the homosexual misconduct of the minor are known. The escape-like labor and Wohnungswechselbist therefore an understandable reaction. The young people will be supported by referral from 10/05/1963 probation officer Erich Deschermaier.
16/01/1964 Lt.. Decision of 14.01.1964 was sent to the minors under § 2.28 JGG 1961 in the Federal education to needy Kaiserebersdorf. The scheduled probation is revoked by order pursuant to § 20 Abs.2JGG/1964.
02/18/1964 KM auditioned with her new husband in office. The husband wants to take over the guardianship of the minor. Referred to the juvenile court, but that hardly explains a real chance that he gets the guardianship. KM does not seem particularly interested in the minors, has difficulty even with her mother.
03/31/1964 The minor was admitted to the Federal Education to needy Kaiserebersdorf accordance with § 2.28 JGG in 1961. The scheduled probation is revoked by order pursuant to § 20 Abs.2JGG/1964.
1/18/1965 request of the Federal Reformatory Kaiserebersdorf reached on whether the minor may be released to the mother.
MANAGEMENT REPORT: The leadership of the pupil was without complaint from the beginning. During his detention period, he never once violated the house rules.
In the group he was considered a dreamer and eccentric. Very good contact with the educator. His need for cleanliness and order, however, was poor through long time. Only in recent months, he was visibly effort to comply in this respect. The chance for a tentative release should be offered to him.
15/02/1965 House Call KM January 1965 are divorced by her husband August Tschermenek court. She works as a laborer at the company Czettl metal and plastic goods factory 15 Arnsteingasse 31 The home that she lives with her grandmother Marie Rieck consists of rooms and kitchen, simply furnished, but kept very clean. For the young there is a bed available. The KM and grandmother are willing to take the minor to him.
16.2.1965 consultation with the probation officer Erich Deschermaier. He will again take over the care. Peter can immediately after release of the company AUSTROPLAN STOCK Litschauer Johann Vienna 15 5-6 John Street where he was employed before the briefing, begin again as HA.
19/02/1965 Report to Kaiserebersdorf description of the situation. There is no doubts the release of the minor to KM not to allow.
03/16/1965 Message to the Youth Court Zl.16Ns 2028/65 as per decision of the minor may JGH Az: 3a Vr1434/62 be released tentatively to Vienna 15.Felberstraße 106/3/38. Minors under the supervision of the probation officer Erich Deschermaier. (Request for guidance) The minor works at the company AUSTROPLAN STOCK than HA.
07/05/1965 Report of probation officer Deschermaier Erich regarding the minor reaches a. It reports that the boy lives with his grandmother. (KM is on Lake Constance in Vorarlberg in hardware).
Minors has been with the company prepared for him. Works almost without complaint. Received from the owner of the company's proprietary moped for private trips. Engaged in leisure with moped. Contact with the young people is quite good. Positive work attitude has changed, comes regularly to the office hours. A real influence seems to be not given. He loves u brag about his knowledge. Original hand in the act

LE Extra 05 1963-195 KE
At trial, because I got the moped theft arrest due six weeks to three years and to support a probation officer. The probation officer that I got was very stressed. He was glad whom I called once a week. Otherwise not seen by him.
Here I am again deprived me of any inspection and to St. Wolfgang, where I worked as a kitchen assistant at the Hotel Post. It was very nice, I had my own room. Free food and lodging as well. Only with the probation service I got problems.
Then from May 1963, I got a new probation officer. With this I immediately understood me well. He listened and took part in my life. Therefore, I then always referred to him as my surrogate father.
It's care education has now been abandoned and transferred to the juvenile court. Then here it came to the decision that the Federal Education needy in Kaiserebersdorf I in the 11th District'll briefed. At the same time probation was revoked. I have before me but still got advice from Reserve father.
To prevent that the police I gets me from home I spotted driving himself to ke (Kaiserebersdorf). That's what I did. However, in KE no resolution is set up. To avoid being sent back home, I asked that you call my father Reserve. What is also happening. This has confirmed that the briefing was pronounced and he teaches this Decision at the latest within 24 hours.
So I had an absolute plus. I should note again and again in the course of my detention. On the Shoo group all stayed at least one months to calm down and get to know the daily routine. I remained longer in this group. But went to 14 working days already. Registry cleaner than with an older lady. I was standing by this activity contact with the commanders and educators and also with the rest of the staff. I also had the easy ways to get to information which were often very important for the inmates. It was indeed a monthly dismissal Commission instead. It decided to dismissal or further detention.
The next work I was assigned to the laundry room. There I had the handling of dirty and clean laundry on. This had the advantage that I could always take me quite new shirts and other clothes. Since I always wanted love to be freshly dressed, this was ideal for me. It also brought me benefits. If I wanted a loaf of bread from the bakery I let the baker group always get protective fitted mattress. Likewise, the kitchen group. In the kitchen I got every day spreads, cheese or sausage. Again and again it was a bigger piece in my bag. I have always made the exchange of two-liter wine boxes. Because the criminal group in Kirchberg am Wagram always sent my teacher a box or two. The wine would have been easily accessible for me. But I did not let it bother me. That was my next bonus. Has anyone put me in the head I should ansuche a grace as early release. I have done well but it was rejected. At the moment I was sure disappointed. But here I saw that it was not always to my liking.
Reserve my father was often in the hospital so I could judge me according to his advice. I asked him that he puts it in the way that I him as a probation officer. His boss, the woman councilor was also very well disposed towards me and I could count on my release on my spare father. I myself have done it even during my detention at the company where I worked before being able to start again. That was my next bonus was therefore my dismissal from KE also so good and complications across the stage.
My uncle on the shift worked Penzinger station told me that the railroad is looking for people and that would be a good and safe working. I introduced myself and was immediately taken here because my great-uncle was on this station already Supervisory Verschubmeister, my grandfather and my uncle as switches and signalman. I started as a course greasers. I was responsible for all remote controlled and manually operated switch in the turnout items 1 and 2.

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