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02.17.1959 debate with Peter and KM and grandmother. The boy is actually spoiled by the grandmother (cinema gets money almost every day). KM is working, grandmother continued operations. Peter is a lot on the road, not particularly school report. The boy also looks very pale and ill. Hort agreed accommodation. He was warned insistently.
19.2.1959 in consultation with the Director of Hort (Beingasse) child can be admitted, KM was appointed to office.
12/03/1959 KM is not published, it was before school (she's waiting on the boys allegedly) taken. KM sees that they. Makes the difficulties Peter has grown and no longer want to face it
School report for 03/13/1959 20/03/1959 eingeholt.KM loaded for education meeting.
20/03/1959 Education meeting This is a infantile, persönlichkeitsunreifen, externally clean, very pale, educational apparently excessively spoiled boy with a strong imagination, in annähend average intelligence but one-sided talent (Rechendeffekt? Against striking skills in geography and history very eloquently) After almost three years of residence in the homes Hinterbrühl Retz and since the summer of 1958 as an only child s education of KM and the grandmother is particularly fond of the boy again. The education problem lies in the inconsistent domestic education of the boys and the grandmother of questionable compliance. Peter takes home a sort of "PASHA-LIVE" and already conducts its members who face the hustle and bustle of the boys uncritically. He skips school, apparently driving around, makes spending money as they see fit, because it is apparently supplied with ample pocket money. Foreign educational influences (usually the teacher) he evades, or looking to make excuses if he is to stand trial with fluency. His lack of social adjustment in school is particularly striking. Any domestic difficulties are probably not registered the dissimulates of the members.
Further development remains to be seen again come school year.
17.4.1959 encountered no one home visit. Lt. Demand is KM walked with Peter.
24/04/1959 Verbindungsfürsorgerin announced that the boy at 6.4 and 10.4-24.4 of unexcused absences, however, it is encountered by teachers in the Theater of Youth.

05/05/1959 Child and KM encountered at home. Peter is reportedly receiving medical treatment and needs to diet because of an intestinal infection and therefore can not attend school. KM was made aware when a student is absent for more than 2 days of school, a doctor's confirmation is required. Peter sees but from very merry and well, so that he could go no further into the school.
05/08/1959 application at the school. The Director informs that the KM is not published to date and the complaint will be refunded.
05/14/1959 Verbindungsfürsorgerin announced that the boy still remains out of school and an apology is not present. KM is not published on a charge. Education meeting for 5.6. KM agreed loaded.
02/06/1959 No one encountered. Lt. Report a neighbor KM and grandmother are in the works. Peter is on the road.
06/19/1959 FAULT VISIT!
24/06/1959 KM opens only after very strong knock, the boy is missing after informing the school again 2Tage.KM supposedly knows nothing about it. However, she promises to come up with the boys on 26/06/1959 for educational counseling under threat of a display at the JGH. The charge for the 05.06.1959 they did not allegedly receive.
06/26/1959 Erziehungsberatung addition to the report of 03.20.1959 is held. That the boy again for weeks the school has remained without excuse. As he himself says that he has made visits to museums mainly in this period and claimed it at least as much as to have learned in school. In his defense, he has one hand on the way children play truant more than he should, on the other hand, he now leads the alleged malpractices school attended, as well as in the home, from which he was released only a year ago. This completely implausible allegations are raised me so much conviction that one must assume, Peter believes itself to the products of his imagination. An appeal to the intelligence of the boys remains, at least currently, without echo. Of the envisaged transfer very upset, he feels unfairly treated and performs all his mishap due to the fact his illegitimate birth.
After some hesitation, the KM explained by observing the children's home castle Wilheminenberg agree. Since the current school year is almost over, with the transfer can be released to a place be delayed. Drawn Dr.Agricola
07/07/1959 Überstellungsakt added.
07/17/1959 Erziehungsberatung
Opinion annexed to the child guidance: report 26.6. and 20.3. this year: In the spirit of that child guidance report foreign education is urgently needed. Meanwhile, the family members have become fickle again in terms of their understanding and consent. If they withdraw the KM grandmother and consent to home recording so would have the interest of the boy to remove his educational neglect foreign education are introduced. The application for admission to the observation home Am Schottenfeld is maintained.
01/08/1959 Lt.Mitteilung the Kuest secured a place for the boys it can be transferred on 11/08/1959.
08/02/1959 KM notified of the transfer, it promises the boy to bring into office on 08.11.1959.
08/03/1959 grandmother comes into the office and speaks very excited before. She refuses to give in a home.
17.8.1959 request for foreign education at the Vienna District Court handled 15!
17/09/1959 Lt.. Decision of the Juvenile Court of Justice of 10.9.1959 was the boy in accordance with § 29 child welfare law in foreign education zugewiesen.Zl: 10P364/59
09/22/1959 The mother of the boy was removed and transferred to the Kuest.
26/10/1959 Lt.. Understanding of the MA 11 21:10 1959, the boy from the Kuest was sent to the reformatory Wilhelmine mountain.
30.11.1959 grandmother speaks here in the office. Christmas Holiday from 31.12.1959 24.12.bis is granted. Grandmother was pointed out to bring the boys back in time to the home.
07/03/1960 Erziehungsberatung opinion of Wilhelmine Mountain (excerpt): Average Intelligence In character with a little boy quality. Submanische mood associated with uncritical self-overestimation, more extensive pulse delivered awareness, according to its maintenance weaknesses neglect risk. The residential care already for prophylactic reasons. A family return is to be avoided in the next 18 months, absolutely. HIGH WAIT.
03/14/1960 KM and grandmother of the rendition of the boys in the reformatory agreed Hohewarte.
03/25/1960 school maturity report: progress: satisfactory, behavior: good no specific classification difficulties vertratscht and very very playful, works smarter than he really is. Companionable and helpful. Good physical condition.
Easter holiday from 18.4 16.4.bis approved.
07.07.1960 approved vacation leave of the boys from 18.7 to 31.7.1960
22.09.1960 Implementation Report The boy is a tall, slender boy, do not sporty gifted. It is through his naive, provocative behavior repeatedly rise to interference. The boy has different interests (music, books, etc.), he also examines the close of the educator, he is very helpful, but it bogged down often "Gschaftlhuberei." His homework he does without special supervision, but it is very complicated and requires twice as long as others. In the comrades he is only moderately popular. It requires a very consistent leadership. KM and grandmother visit him.
Approved from 24.12.1960 to 16.11.1960 Christmas Holidays 31/12/1960
04.18.1961 Implementation Report: Peter is developed physically and mentally normal. Very talkative, cuts to much. In character he is not quite perfect, not very popular with his comrades. He still has a very infantile beings, lives constantly in conflict with the environment. Performs work of willing-but he tends to very shoddy. Generally he does not present any major difficulties. He is visited by his mother and grandmother.
School report: satisfactory performance, a bit slow in the work. His behavior is good, he is very stubborn and sticky.
19/04/1961 school report arrived maturity
                  Home visit ERROR VISIT
04/24/1961 KM wants to take the boys on their own after school care.
It was, however, advised her boys after a teaching and take 1-month probation period. School maturity arc handled.
02/06/1961 KM recently uploaded here, concerning the dismissal of the boys home or accommodation in Lehrlingsheim trial to 6 months.
08/06/1961 KM wants to take the boys to go home. You will find a lesson for him and agreed to audition here in the office-Kuest.
06/26/1961 Ausfolgeschein the KM passed.

04.07.1961 The young people from talking. He makes a very nice, approachable good, clean impression. Admonished and instructed him. He was already present in the new apprenticeship and he is looking forward to the allegedly Arbeit.KM is currently on vacation is to go swimming with Peter.
07/05/1961 KM and boys met at home. Room apartment kitchen is very sauber.KM spends her vacation time with Peter in Vienna. This very much looks forward to teaching and pledged themselves to take.
08/09/1961 Peter speaks here in the office before because he needs a guardianship decree for the vocational school. He makes a very nice impression and has been in teaching (first he was supposedly a bit slow) already well acclimated and teaching contract was signed but not yet. KM for debate summoned to the office.
27/09/1961 KM encountered at home, it makes up just ready to go to work. She is happy that the boy is now good and in no way is difficult. Coaxed her to the Lord in respect to teaching progress and behavior of boys to consult what they promised to do so.
28/09/1961 Peter speaks ahead at office. He makes a nice impression he is enthusiastic about the teaching and the school. Sent him to the indenture in the MA11.
10.11.1961 MA11 announced that the boy was reportedly released from teaching. After speaking with the Lord's teaching the boy has left the teaching in the morning on 14.11.1961 and since then has not been released. However, the boss is ready to keep Peter again although he is clumsy and childish as it does their suffering.
Leave ERROR 15.11.1961 VISIT charge!
11/16/1961 Peter talks to the mother before here in the office, he was afraid because he allegedly destroyed a job properly. Depth discussion with Peter and the KM is glad that it still keeps the teacher Mr.
17.11.1961 report to the MA 11 cleared.
27/11/1961 Peter and KM here at the office because he is already absent unexcused 5x the vocational school and teaching him the lady is no longer willing to keep it. Long talk with KM and the boy is to agree to a placement in a Lehrlingsheim explain because the boss only under these conditions willing to keep him on. Peter transferred to the Kuest.
To have visited the workplace to sign KM for the Transfer of
11/29/1961 Transfer of ad Kuest
11.12.1961 approved leave pass for the period 24.12.1961 and 26.12.1961 and released.

LE Extra 03 1959-1961
It has always denounced the compliant grandmother. Today I see it all before with different eyes. I can very well remember me but my evil things. I was an ordinary brat. I've always been a person who has learned from hearing and seeing. I had to listen to only good and everything was in my head. Therefore, it always looked as if I would be bored because I have not written. That really brought a lot of teachers on the palm.
After a warning by the care my mother took me to school. Ok but only so long until I came it that there was a back door that was connected by a corridor of our school. Front and rear inside out then was my motto. I had always hiding places where I deposited my school bag and she had picked up in the afternoon. Once the police have my school bag when I brought them out in a derelict house and she was found. I then have to listen to me. A few days back I was very stupid. I threw my school bag in our basement. When I looked it was gone. When I got home my mother asked where I got my school bag. What should I say. Only when she has asked me very closely my supposedly lost satchel cut firmly on the head.
If I was so without school bag on the way I'm usually went to the Museum of Ethnology, or opposite to the Kunsthistorisches Museum. As of March 1959, was more often that I skipped school. I wanted it to be this time not admit that to me again threatens a home stay.
So I have shoveled my own pit.
First in the Kuest and then to observe the Wilhelmine mountain. Since then I have been transferred during the school year in the reformatory Hohewarte. I quickly scratched the curve.
I was back at a teacher!! This was in the habit of having their sexual adventures in the duty room on the group. She was extremely loud music and usually had a plate placed a Beethoven. Since then she said to me woman Beethoven! But they also had a nasty streak. If we get a penalty made this "extra hour" an educator of the subgroup. She was afraid that once we make a rebellion.
The educator of the neighboring group had a sadistic streak. He gave us the bastinado. Twice he has so firmly slammed the two pupils 14 days could not go. The feet were badly swollen. Or he hit us on the buttocks with the dirty floor brush with the evil Sauborsten. Many were left hanging. You could not sit. Then it came again and again that the bristles have caused large abscesses. This opening was the favorite occupation of the educator. He obviously enjoyed. Alone his comments were more than caustic. It flowed like a lot of tears of anger. If you did not cry out in pain, it was unsatisfactory for him and he soon stopped. But woe if you only made a peep, he savored it.
There is also a fine thing to report. Since I 2 with the Secondary school class at the school would have ended me the headmaster made aware of the consequences and has then initiated the voluntary I could attach a 9 school year. At least that was once something really very REASONABLE and Useful.
Management report of 01.11.1962:
Here is again since 5 years homosexuals contacts, but it is not that the first Homo contact with the home manager in Retz in 1956 was!
This topic has thrilled over in my Mündelakt as if I was a HOMO. Just the thing with the home manager in RETZ at let me nauseated before!! I shudder still in front.

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