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1956-1958 RETZ

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Development testing of 02/21/1956 the school psychological services (EXCERPT)
Average talent. Language and Social maturation residues. IQ 102 Reading uncertainty in orthography slow. Both apparent consequence of contained in the decay dyslexia which the boy also has a strong dominance of disturbance could be detected. Educational neglect with large gaps in knowledge. Class hard to avoid repetition.
Kuest Steinböck woman is the boy for the coming school year for the children's home RETZ (Tower Court) proposed that male leadership needs. Learning default bad. Grandmother back in office wants to take the boy back. REJECTED! 14 days Ferialbeurlaubung agreed.
KM on behalf of the grandmother back in the office wants to take the boy out of the home. The KM clearly established the necessity of leaving the home.
Grandmother has given up with post 01.11.1956 caretaker and is now permanently residing in the KM. Felberstraße 106/3/38
Terminerhebung.KM not encountered at home, talking on the street. She will marry expected to Strasbourg and then wants to take the boys. This will be decided by early February, until then the KM of the boys wants to leave the home because the grandmother and the child looks up everything, huge annoyance evoked at the slightest reminder of the boys by the KM. At this non-uniform education of the boy would suffer damage. KM also makes an uneasy feeling and is really not very interested in the child. Next stay in the home is sought. Implementation report obtained.
KM is now divorced, alimony Shilling 200 monthly. The grandmother lives now also in KM. The boy was placed a bed. Christmas vacation was from 22.12. granted up to 31.12.1956. Leave pass was picked.
02/27/1957 Memorandum (Implementation Report)
The boy attended. Grade of primary education in the public school in RETZ in Lower Austria. The learning achievements are his knowledge and intelligence is not enough according to (5). His interests are deeply pervasive execution superficial, great imagination, tendency to lie, very sensitive, will recede into the background. Nervous, faster process of speaking, stuttering, Matey, speaks arrogant, good relationship with the teacher, delicate child, but very good overall physical condition. Weight 31kg
Annual report released to the Kuest.
The boy is an Easter holiday from 19.4. granted up to 23.04.1957. The KM agrees
The KM is since 04/06/1957 as the mailbox at the post office worker 101 Vienna (Westbahnhof) with a monthly salary of 509 Shilling, from 19-21 or 20-24 clock clock busy. The grandmother receives a pension of 354 shilling per month. The boy may have a holiday vacation from 15.7. take up to 07.29.1957. The KM is in agreement with the grant of leave, she was informed of the arrival of the child and asks the amount of 11 - Shilling 25.6.1957 to be paid for the ride. The KM wants to take the boys after the holidays in self-care. Urlaubsschein sent. To the opinion of the home's management to the acquisition of the boys in home care was requested.
Anyone encountered. Neighbor indicates that the KM is usually in the morning at home. KM appointed to office.
Recently invited to give the home line for taking over the boys in home care.
M announced that they currently can not accept the boy as it is since the beginning of October on a 24 hour service (at the post), and thereby the boys could not supervise properly. They also do not want to remove the child during the school year because it might harm the learning outcomes a sudden dislocation in a foreign environment.
29/11/1957 (Christmas) holiday arrived solicitation
                    Home visit visit failure, KM appointed to office
12/04/1957 House Call incorrect visit.
KM loaded again.
MANAGEMENT REPORT: Bub very prone to sloppiness and his duties require the constant monitoring of the educator. The boy shows great interest in all things and is eager to tell this knowledge further. The boy has great imagination thus he also has a tendency to falsehoods. He speaks very quickly and gets this often stutter. Social behavior in the group camaraderie. He's a good guy and can outwit most of the other boys. The boy is very helpful and will gladly from his manual work. Peter is very attached to his grandmother who writes to him regularly and always visited him. In the last letter he has written a few lines of his mother. Relationship between the boys and teachers is good. Physical condition is satisfactory.
Grandmother in office agrees with a Christmas holiday of the boys, KM has probably leave.
Jacks and M encountered at home. The boy is a rather open-minded boy, very good student, reads a lot and is supposedly very good and beautiful singing (choir of sparrows Retzer tower) KM is very pleased with him and bought him for Christmas a ski equipment. Apartment in order and very clean.
KM grandmother and speak in front of the office, want to take the boy from the school, as the KM has to pay too much, and the grandmother is used! Discussion with the guardian! KM does not make a favorable impression. Reputation rating sought.
According to the Vienna Federal Police Directorate, the 2x KM (1938) has a criminal record. It was also imposed on them by the Vienna Police Department (Bureau for the Suppression of the White Slave Traffic and STDs) on 08/29/1957 for § 6/3 STDs law an administrative penalty of 60 Shilling or 3 days replacement prison term. You will not adversely repute in their living area.
Grandmother and KM talking at office in front of the boys really want to take out of the home. After consultation with legal guardian; KM for next Friday summoned to the office.
KM has not appeared again summoned for 20.6.1958.
KM speaks before the Office, is very unreasonable in the debate. Holiday bill was signed.
Ausfolgeschein grandmother passed, added writing with regard to the responsibility for the boys.
Lt. Prior notification of Kuest the boy was handed over on 07.06.1958 the grandmother.
Boys met at home, looks good. Loving grandmother makes for him and seems to enjoy it very much. Peter at an injury to the right temple, he was sent to the doctor. Otherwise, the boy makes an inquisitive impression. Apartment very clean.
Seen boys, very well kept, very lively. He attended high school in the second grade Schweglerstraße.
11/21/1958 school demand
Students with some fantastic ideas that threatens to be occasionally utilized for real or imagined offenses against school rules or of other blackmailed to gentle manner. Truant, the school (for example 12.12.1958 afternoon with his friend Karl Reinisch visit) 15.12.1958 a walk on the Christmas market. Tuesday, 12/16/1958 at 8-11 clock nonstop cinema in Mariahilferstraße. KM and grandmother working KEY KID!!
1955 13:10 Now I am at the Holy Cross Sisters. When my grandmother saw the spiritual sisters has been their aversion to the home fully intact.
My group was sister Waltraud Sr. and my sister was teaching Sr. Magda. The mother superior was Sr. Adalberta.
Sr. Magda Mother Superior Sr. Adalberta

Sr. Waltraud
This image by Sr. Waltraud is a picture where she was very old. It is already dead. Similarly, the other two nuns. Sr. Magda was the Josefinum in the 14th Transferred to the district I was transferred from the home to Retz.

Our special Confirmation by Archbishop Coadjutor Jachin. After the confirmation, we went to the cemetery and put flowers on the grave of the founder of Home on the grave.
Waltraud Sr. Sr. Magda in white and in black
The boy in the leather pants I had.

 How come this girl was on the picture to me incomprehensible. It was purely a boys home. Possible that it was the girls from the caretaker.

The view from the road. The house has been the retreat of the sisters. In the first Floor, the chapel was where every day a Mass was held. During the week, a silent Fairs and on Sunday with singing.

I was in the home at the rear of the trigger of an epidemic of scarlet fever Brühl. I was quarantined to Kaiser Franz Josef Spital. Was taken to the hospital with the rescue. At that time it was still common practice that is located at least 1 month of the infection department. This then had the consequence that the I 4 Elementary school class had to repeat.
The home was not far from the lake grotto. We were there twice. Shortly before, there was the HÖLLDRICHSMÜHLE of the song originates at the fountain in front of the gates. It is really a lime at the fountain at the entrance. Then there was also the HUSAREN TEMPLE on top of Anninger.
 In Mödling towards Perchtoldsdorf place in the firmament of Liechtenstein.
In Mödling on a mountainside to find the ruins Mödling and including the white cross.

So I was put back in the 4th grade elementary school in Retz. I now had a teacher, and an educator. Where to but wrote in a report, the boy needs a male caregiver.
I was not even 7 days in Turmhof I was called to the home manager. A man who constantly wore dark sunglasses today, I would say like a mafia. Now something started where I did not know what happens to me. The home manager patted me hugged me. But he always had a very prickly beard face of hurt me and I therefore always moved away. I should go before I could reach into a box where candies were glued together. I grabbed like to thanked me and left. I had more and more often to the home manager. Has anyone noticed that today is still a mystery to me. He was always insistent I had to move out and take me on his lap area. He stroked me up every time until he has arrived at my penis. One day, he suddenly opened his pants and has me put off his penis and has meant I will pet him. This grew and grew frightened as I was suddenly in rausspritzte something. He asked me if I wanted to try the next time also. So fast I could not see I had come to him again. This time, he locked the door to his office I had to take off his pants and he took my penis and played with it. Then he saw that I had a slight phimosis. It hurt me, he always wanted to return the foreskin. One day he was too violent and he had what he wanted. The foreskin pulled back completely and she could not get to the normal position. My penis was red and getting fatter. I had wicked pain. Behind the narrowing of the penis was already swollen to a size of a man's fist. He pulled me to quickly and led me to the infirmary. He spoke with the nurse and I was placed in a bed and got a thermophore with ice placed. The pain stopped and something slightly decreased the swelling. Only after four days, the sister could put some cream on penis with petroleum jelly and push back the foreskin back. From then on I was no longer of interest to the home manager. But I saw in a row repeatedly boys who had the "GIFTS" in the hands of the manager. Well I was relocated to a new group where I again had a governess. This was very young compared to the others. I had known her since she was with us frequently as exchange teacher. She was pretty. She was from a well known family Retzer. She was always very nice to us. Penalties were with her in a way that was pleasant. She pushed us television or radio. You always made when we all were in bed between the radio service rooms and dormitory and set it on soft music. I like to fall asleep to music. Then we were allowed to listen to the program "HELLO TEENS". However, if my colleagues had a stupid day once again and made a charade, there was no radio.
I was often the only one who was allowed to listen in to the room service. One day I had to walk alone in the evening swimming and they gave me instructions on what to be washed. On this occasion they discovered at the small phimosis and also that I was the Bestentwickte boy of the group. I was almost 1 ½ years older than the guys on the group. From then on she has slowly but surely looking at me. First cuddle with, then kiss with. I was enlightened by it meticulously. From then on, I was with her when she was on duty in the duty room Munter I was sleeping in my bed in the morning. She has worn me out. Friday to Saturday and Saturday to Sunday. These nights I had to sleep with the light be yours. She pulled me more and more get close to him and rubbed against me. She took a walk between your legs and rubbed it rhythmically and she moaned. It was here where she has often coarse me and used her nails scratched me. They always tried to make my penis hard and has on top and rode at me. She was often very rough. Once in gymnastics has asked where I got the immense scratches ago my teacher. I have told them to get through a fall into a thorn book. The teacher made me really out of their sex slaves. I got to cuddle right pet properly, and lick right. She has my cock in your mouth very often. I was able to inject only if she allows it.
Woe when it happened anyway without command I got the toothbrush strokes on the most sensitive point (glans). But ahead with the bristles as I was often bloody.
One things was so blatant that I still dream of it. She had menstruation and we had no light on. When I was awake I'm afraid it was all full of blood my face my hair the bed of cushions and the wall and my hands. This scenario still haunts me.
In school I've been wanting some time usually after their night shift I was so tired that I fell asleep at breakfast in the morning. Since I was able to lie down and she cried in school I was sick, I do not feel well. My performance in school subsided again. It was quite clear to anyone.
What would you say if I told then who would have these experiences. Later I did it and I was again portrayed as a liar and fantasist.
February 1958 was the home manager in Korneuburg convicted of other children. No one has asked me. The teacher has already written a precaution in their management report: "The boy has a great imagination, he thus possessing a tendency to falsehood!"! In July 1958, the spit was over. Believe me I was first hit by a home manager and then 18 months of the Erieherin.
Now to the memorandum dated 14.03.1958 regarding my mother. I'm not saying that my mother was a saint. No, but it is often come together with the wrong people. First, a friend with whom she has always gone to the coffee table with the phones. Then in the service she has driven it like with the young post-learning. Only home she could not go so we went into the budget hotel hours. She had the misfortune like that very often these were checked and controlled by the custom. Since it must be noticed by an official. Result was the administrative penalty. I clearly noticed during this time that she had suddenly getting a lot of money, clothes and jewelry Gablonzer bought. She was also often in the neighboring house with a woman where she always helped glue paper bags. Here the two have the most stupid ideas. Have written to listings of foreign legionnaires. Then there was a time where all month came a new uncle. No one took care of me.
It was all about SEX. A single was nice to me but which was signed off in no time with my mother. You can barely read it yourself divorce is soon a new man by her side. Only the most stupid idea was that it says the care they prefer to Strasbourg and take me with you. I had her here always in the way I would have been there even more in Strasbourg. Unfortunately, they always had bad luck with men. The first was in the war. The second was a player. The third was no wisdom light, and the fourth was a heavy drinker (a case of beer a day).
15/03/1971 she is choking miserably from lung cancer and is now in hardware on Lake Constance at the cemetery. Along with her fourth husband and her successor.
What I want to write is that I never got a ski equipment from her. Neither she went swimming with me. I have never seen my mother in a bathing suit, and certainly not naked.
08/19/1958 The injury was a boil on his temple. I went to the doctor who immediately opened this icing expressed in drained and bandages. Done. After a few days drain out. I was healed.
Now on to the stage with the Schwegler school. Here everything went wrong that could go wrong. Since everything in the boys class my level was already occupied one has put me in a class of girls. I was the only boy. But that was not clear but a constant gauntlet. Then it was too colorful. I went to a museum rather (prefer Ethnographic Museum and Museum of Art History). See Education meeting on 03/20/1959. Because I am so often that it's been noticed. I was often approached by supervisors. My responsibility was always the teacher to see me order things and then write an essay about it. This has worked. In my class was behind me still an empty bench.
This bank was always a punishment (supposedly) since then always sat a girl and the teacher. When you turned around, there was always at "FRONT PLAYS THE MUSIC". Since then it mostly behind me, then gave a giggle. I have me a little worried mirror and have the shielded so that was not visible behind it focused on the girl. So I have guessed that the teacher after he sat down behind the girl went to the bathroom and then came back without panties. Then the teacher has played with her shame.
I then pushed this once right bank of me nothing was behind me. The teacher came and ordered the bank came back behind me. Also I have spoken with the psychologist Dr. AGRICOLA. Score big fantasies and lies. See Eriehungsberatung 26/06/1959 where this report is highlighted again and portrayed me as implausible. WHO WOULD NOT TRUST ME BECAUSE I CAN???
Today, such a thing would not be possible. But because of the opinion, the MA11 has seen no reason to do anything about. Therefore I assume the lack of due diligence MA11 and prevention of criminal charges. Having regard to the facts should at least have held a survey. But you have to leave everything behind. As I have also heard of other children living in homes made Dr. AGRICOLA all similar cases where it has went to sexual abuse and violence against children just moved everything into the realm of fantasy and lies. It even looks as if the whole system behind. It was allowed to pay nothing.

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