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29.1.1953 home visit
Child is healthy, comes to school with, unaltered conditions.
However, child supposedly comes to school with, notebooks quite sloppy, stopped for nicer shape. Peter marked for the day-care center Knödelhütte.
Child was in day-care Knödelhütte he was allegedly beaten by other boys. The grandmother has operations. Peter plays in front of the house.
16/02/1954 Memorandum
Municipal Department 11 announced that the grandmother lives in very poor conditions if there is no possibility of support?
Child admitted to the urban refuge, reduced to 2.50 shillings per month. Grandmother receives alimony from her husband divorced and has occasionally temporary cleaning. Peter will come along poorly in school. There are constant complaints from the schools. School Report Request.
26/02/1954 School
Peter has not a very good learning success. Especially language and writing a ENOUGH (4). The student is inattentive, playful, talkative, and takes the little exhortations of the teacher to heart. Goes beyond teaching the teacher away lightly. His domestic industry leaves much to be desired. Rarely has his books in order. Has at times fantastic imagination, often tells the incredible things. School attendance is good but however he often comes too late, and constantly has new excuses.
Forty shillings as aid is requested to purchase one Oberhosenbach for Peter at the hands of the grandmother Marie Rieck. KV is unknown, the KM is remarried and only pays child support. The grandmother is divorced and receives only 280 a month, Shilling monthly alimony and cleaning Money 110 - shillings per month.
Child was summoned for recreation, is currently attending the nursery does not change because education in school is.
Peter has recovered well in the castle at Lehenhof Scheibbs in Lower Austria, is from autumn to visit the nursery, the grandmother continued Bedienungen.KM visited the boy regularly.
Peter trained in the hoard Cumberland Road 91, reduced to 31 - shillings a month. KM does not care about the child who does not pay child support every month. Grandmother is divorced receives 280 - and 110 shillings alimony - Shilling cleaning money monthly.
03/01/1955 school demand
Peter regularly visits the school is nice and kept clean, but learning is moderately weak. Peter took a long time no homework. According to the summons of the grandmother is doing better again. The class teacher tries hard to the boys, often carries with him after class.
Anyone encountered at home. Grandmother is said to have gone for a walk with the boys. Peter is a very lively, loud boy be, according to a House Party (madam frost)
05/03/1955 School complaints
Peter is very sloppy, lubricates, the check book can not always write. Peter strabanzt after school 1-2 hours on the road around. Grandmother is supposed to be found at home only from 13 to 13:30 clock, should be in the operations. Grandmother is moved back to the 71 Cumberland Street where she had another caretaker items. The housing situation is still confined. Kitchen and Cabinet. Peter occasionally stayed with the mother, then scurries around the breakfast to her grandmother, comes late to class. Class teacher thinks that he should visit a nursery.
With the grandmother discussed the difficulties. Grandmother is committed to the child, but is nervous, overloaded by the many operations. But promises to control the boys even more and talk to the KM, so the boy if he stayed with her coming to school on time. Hort rejected.
Children's menu is jurisdictional half assigned to the parish t. Guardian notified of it.
Child was married today because of education meeting-reports of children Took place überstellt.KM, does not care. The child was always in the care of the grandmother, this can not supervise according to Peter as it has operations. Difficulties in school!
Grandmother comes into the office, asking for accommodation of the boys to the orphanage "PETERLE". Grandmother to the boy feels not grown. He strabanzt around a lot. Grandmother has operations may therefore not supervise him accordingly, and monitor tasks. Very lazy learning! For the 1.9. for educational counseling.

Intellectually average (IQ99) cozy seeming addressable good, but still very infantile and hold fast acting little boy. Peter is overwhelmed in character due to insufficient leadership in the attempted but insufficient conditions (working old grandmother, financial difficulties) in character and threatens to go on leaving. In agreement with the wishes of the grandmother transfer is requested. Children's Home "PETERLE" (type indifferent external school easily possible.
09/07/1955 Transfer of Arc to the Children Took place.
Peter disrupts the teaching, must always stay behind because he can not keep up with typing!
Grandmother asks for eheste rendition. Exercise books very sloppy. Peter healthy, but today is quite pale.
Information from the children Took a lodging place in the children's home "PETERLE" hopeless. Child is assigned to the children's home "LACKNER ALLEY".
Children Took it shares with Peter on the 13.10.1955 can be transferred. Admission to the children's home "Anna Sauer Foundation. A private boarding school of the Cross nurse.
Grandmother agreed. Peter is looking forward to the home.
13.10.1955 The child was transferred today.
School and guardian notified of the transfer.
Anyone encountered. Grandmother summoned to the office.
Grandmother comes into office, explained the boys in 14 days again to take out because it is very dissatisfied with the home. Peter says that he bruised in a fight by another pupil and was bitten. Peter also told that he has to wash the toilet and corridors.
Kuest woman Steinböck phone set of the information having regard to the grandmother. Grandmother will be summoned.
The KM lives with her husband in discordant marriage. The man gives the woman a week 270 - Schilling which she has to deny the entire household costs (2 adults and 1 child), including interest, gas and light. He's Card Players, to think much on in guest houses and also Sunday does not care about his family. He has to his stepson not the slightest relationship. The child reportedly homesick and would like to return to grandmother. The KM does not want to get into the currently prevailing uncomfortable family situation of the child. It contributes to divorce at the thought.
22.12.1955 Education Meeting
KM and grandmother who saw the meeting - at least in the debate the desirability of a further stay home. Since the transfer was made in agreement with the grandmother, who turned himself help would be strongly discouraged by a court action. It must be returned to the home from vacation and back home in time the child.
Consultation with the District Youth Office penzing, The Education meeting on 22.12.1955 was fixed in agreement with her mother and grandmother that will remain in the home, the boy for educational reasons. The grandmother has occasional earnings and accordingly can not supervise the child and has grown with the tough boys also educational in any way. Entirely with the child would go to the grandmother.

6/05/1952 The remark child is often on the road. Was not right because the social worker has not found me I was her term on the Straße6.5.1952 The remark child is often on the road .. But this was not so. I was very often the case with Franz uncle in the Penzingerstraße 121 and possibly also with my great-grandmother who has lived in the Amortgasse. There was only the children in the council and they were a solid group, I would certainly not come into it.
09/08/1952 As my grandmother about a big heart for your son (uncle Ossi) and me and often had to beg my mother ah money came she was always very short of money, when it often is not enough for them to pawn shop with all sorts of things gone. Often they could not trigger but only prolong. Not once was there so they did not get their stuff more than a small auction proceeds. But now I should go to the baptism. So I should be fine but dressed and not stand out as a boy from the poorer group. I got a dark blue trousers and a cream-white jacket. I was really fine together. So my grandmother had to ask again and again by the Office for assistance. You never wanted this because it has its own pride. Because they would rather not take a further operation.
14/09/1952 My baptism day. Days before, I was very excited I had to learn by heart the baptismal formula. On Saturday, 9.13 was the dress rehearsal. Only without music.
On baptism day I went with soft knees to the sacristy where the priest and the two chaplains were waiting for me. The baptism took place in front of a high office. The church was full to bursting. After baptism, where I stayed only one time associated with the text I had to wait in the sanctuary until the clergy have moved.
Now it was very solemn. They played and sang the Coronation Mass by Mozart. I was also mini trate the first time. After the Mass, I heard a lady said she has never seen a solemn baptism. Yes, that was the work of the great-aunt Mary (Branch Manager of N.Ö. dairy.) She has paid the whole ceremony (orchestra and choir).
This is also the problem that keeps on haunting me. When I tell people of my baptism at all say that I can not remember because since I'm still stuck in the baby blanket. If I then mentions the Coronation Mass, it was always: "The cuts on young and has a vivid imagination." My grandmother has always presented the documents, then people have said they have inquired. I should have been 15.9 baptized on Monday. This document has been issued on Monday. You can track it's like a red thread through my entire Mündelakt again. Tends to lie. They have read and then written in the same key on. No one has thought about what is real? You only have harmed me. UNFORTUNATELY!
26.8 1953 Knödelhütte a really excellent facility designed for children. But what can not imagining. Every day, any gang fights. Since the exercise books was the weaker hidden or even thrown away. Who was it? NOBODY. Since I prefer to have my home and rest.
This phase in the Diesterwegschule is still a mystery to me. But I can say that I was always an audible learners. It seemed that I'm not interested because I did not write as wild as the others. However, in German schoolwork, it was always a real fiasco.
I always read in the grading, beautifully told, accurate reproduction but because of the many spelling errors only 4 The teacher understood at me to move to stay after school for an hour and learn spelling it. He was very happy that I was the only one in the class who could read this scripture is a beautiful book I've read! My great-grandmother has learned me read this writing. Again, the common thread fantasist and a liar.
1955 13:10 Now I am at the Holy Cross Sisters. When my grandmother saw the spiritual sisters has been their aversion to the home fully intact.
My group was sister Waltraud Sr. and my sister was teaching Sr. Magda. The mother superior was Sr. Adalberta.
This image by Sr. Waltraud is a picture where she was very old. It is already dead. Similarly, the other two nuns. Sr. Magda was the Josefinum in the 14th Transferred to the district I was transferred from the home to Retz.

Our special Confirmation by Archbishop Coadjutor Jachin. After the confirmation, we went to the cemetery and put flowers on the grave of the founder of Home on the grave.
The view from the road. The house has been the retreat of the sisters. In the first Floor, the chapel was where every day a Mass was held. During the week, a silent Fairs and on Sunday with singing.
I was in the home at the rear of the trigger of an epidemic of scarlet fever Brühl. I was quarantined to Kaiser Franz Josef Spital. Was taken to the hospital with the rescue. At that time it was still common practice that is located at least 1 month of the infection department. This then had the consequence that the I 4 Elementary school class had to repeat.
The home was not far from the lake grotto. We were there twice. Shortly before, there was the HÖLLDRICHSMÜHLE of the song originates at the fountain in front of the gates. It is really a lime at the fountain at the entrance. Then there was also the HUSAREN TEMPLE on top of Anninger.
In Mödling towards Perchtoldsdorf place in the firmament of Liechtenstein.

In Mödling on a mountainside to find the ruins Mödling and including the white cross.

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