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02.03.1948 Dry Milk
14/09/1948 incorrect visit
home visit child healthy, lively, impeccably maintained, very spoiled by his grandmother. KM complains of taciturnity, lack of interest of the husband of the child while doing nothing, but does not deal with it. She wants to go to work because of the husband wage is insufficient. Child finally declared out of wedlock!
Consider her the date of my birth. Almost three years it took me to the marital birth was taken.
15.3.1949 home visit,
the child is very fond (Fig. 002), very well kept and is a very lively boy. The grandmother is the mother replacement for him. For the woman's age, but it is excellent large load clean. Conditions continue unchanged.
30/06/1949 incorrect visit
05/07/1949 Home visit
dear, well behaved child. Conditions unchanged
22.10.1949 home visit
very lively boy, very well kept. Conditions unchanged
23.12.1949 Mdj home visit.
Encountered, is loving and kind, is the same with his pedal car that obviously makes him much joy. Conditions unchanged
05/20/1950 House
Call Big, well-developed boy. Very often lively spirited, easily correctable. He is pleased with his little sister. He is not jealous. Mother cares for her sister. The boy is left to the grandmother.
03/06/1950 House
Call KM anger openly. All right. Grandmother is very pleased with the child.
22/08/1950 House
Call KM met on the street. Child is doing well. It is not always found in her with his grandmother.
Notification according memo grandmother of the child has been admitted on 14.12.1950 in a big hospital because of middle ear inflammation (bronchitis). After discharge, the grandmother is / fed with the child in the 14th district in the Penzingestraße 136th She got there a caretaker items.
memo information and Jugendamtsakt sent to the BJA Penzing.
01/27/1951 House visit a child lives with the grandmother room kitchen apartment. Peter is a bit sickly after otitis media. His grandmother looked after him lovingly, impoverished circumstances grandmother was summoned to care for the MBA.
26/02/1951 Home visit
Peter visited the municipal nursery in the Cumberland Street 81 is to be healthy. The grandmother has several operations in the house.
03/16/1951 Kindergarten
demand The boy is very tall for his age, anxious, care quite well.
05/23/1951 Home visit
by Peter suffered a fall from a bicycle concussion, was in Wilhelmina Hospital in the children's department. He currently can not attend the kindergarten, he is very attached to his grandmother, he wants in no convalescent home. The grandmother was loaded to study for approval of the foster home.
08/20/1951 Home visit
Peter is healthy, tanned. He's in good weather in Penzinger beach. The grandmother has operations, lovingly provides for the child. Was again asked to investigate.
13.11.1951 home visit
Peter's in kindergarten, the grandmother was asked again to come to study, threatened loss of the child!
The demand kindergarten child is very well kept, is very loud, fits into the community.
01/02/1952 home visit,
the child on 02.02.1952 for recovery to Spital am Semmering for 5 weeks. Peter shows the many things that he has received for Christmas. Unchanged conditions.
Peter goes home visit on 5/28/1952 by Gaaden to recover, he was not in Spital am Semmering, since he had not yet vaccinated. The child is often on the road, attended a kindergarten. Better to pay attention to the boys grandmother stopped.
Memorandum 50 shillings is requested as aid to buy a school bag for Peter, care of the grandmother Marie Rieck. CT is unknown. The KM is remarried, the grandmother is the only child support for Peter. The grandmother is divorced, receives 250 - Schilling alimony and receives 110 - Schilling cleaning money monthly.
28.10.1952 home visit Peter visited the 1st class of primary school. Shows very nice typing, the grandmother continued their operations in the house. She was reappointed to the lungs welfare office for the approval of the foster home.

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