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Dear friends!
I now begin my memoirs as I was starting allegedly witnessed and what problems were prevalent before I was born.
The texts are written in italics copies of my Mündelakt since I had an official guardian.

04/02/1946 House visit
The husband of KM is reportedly died on 6.2.1945 at a military hospital in Germany. The KM has lost the letter in which it was communicated. She can now tell her husband to death, but has no decision in your hands. The KV is, according to the KM a Russian, of which she was allegedly raped.
The KM resides with the infant with her mother (room, kitchen Apartment 3 adult persons and infant) the brother of KM still lives with them. The KM is supported with the child of her mother and brother. Child gets the chest and is kept nice. Apartment is clean.
05/03/1946 Memorandum
KM appeared at the office. Leaf added. Forwarded to guardian.
Child is healthy and strong. Is kept very nice. Apartment very clean. KM was not at home, seemingly making everything at home, the grandmother, which should depend on the child very much. Grandmother stated that the KM is getting married in August. (Bild001)
Here it seems to be already noticed that my mother cares very little about me. My grandmother loves me madly which is reflected in the fact that I am always clean and well maintained. Clearly yes because my mother immediately sought a man. I was really in the way.
Child as always well maintained. Is very thick and sweet, slept. Conditions unchanged.
Child is very thick, as always gepflegt.KM charged with child on the MB, because they had not been there very long.
Request from the guardian-KM is asked to bring the death certificate of her husband.
16/10/1947 Child is very well gehalten.KM married on 21.11.1946 (2.Ehe) stepfather's car mechanic at the company Hinteregger in Johnstraße.er are the KM 100 to 150 a week -. Shillings. Stepfather wants to KM again bestellen.KM guardian in the household is going to help out and wash laundry.

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